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is beef jerky healthy
Dr.Denise Winters

Is Beef Jerky Healthy for You? Easy Beef Jerky Recipe

Beef jerky may be a popular and convenient snack after workouts, for people in a hurry to have a quick bite or suitable for specific diets like low/no carb (keto or carnivore) and paleo diets. In this article, we reviewed whether beef jerky is good for you in the matter of health and we added an easy oven-made beef jerky recipe with an additional recipe done with the beef jerky dehydrator.

Dr.Denise Winters

Carnivore Diet Vs Keto Benefits, Risks, and Food lists

The carnivore diet is the new trend in the diet space that it’s a simple meat and animal products only diet which means you cannot have any fruits and vegetables or carbohydrate foods. So, let’s compare Carnivore vs Keto.

Dr.Denise Winters

Easy Keto Diet Guide for Beginners

Easy Keto Diet Guide For Beginners is a practical companion covering the benefits & side effects, roadmap and even daily recipes for ketogenic diet.

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