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The Best 8 Yoga Poses For Beginners
Mark Personal Trainer

The Best 8 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Today, as you’ll have guessed from the title, we are here to assist you with 8 of the simplest yoga poses for beginners out there. Some are easy to urge into, but hard to master, while others are hard from the get go, but alas, they must all have similar effects on you. The Best 8 Yoga Poses For Beginners

postpartum exercise Postnatal Workout tips for new moms exercises for new moms
Mark Personal Trainer

Postpartum Exercise with No Equipment; Postnatal Workout Plan for New Moms

These easy exercises for new moms uses both body weight and muscle toning home workouts to safely get your body back. Get your heart rate up for cardio for weight loss, as well as strengthen to tone and tighten your muscles. There are many options for all fitness levels as postpartum exercise and postnatal workouts for you.

covid-19 myocarditis
Calik, MD

The risk for Athletes & 7 Basic Advices; COVID-19 Myocarditis

Coronavirus can also cause a condition called covid myocarditis, a viral infection of the heart muscle. Just like it affects the lungs, the virus can invade heart muscle cells, causing inflammation and damage. This covid-19 myocarditis condition can result in the weakening of the heart muscle and arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats also creating risk for athletes.

Mark Personal Trainer

3 Important Mistakes by Yoga Newcomers

Whenever we start something new we have a particular sensation of uneasiness and also anxiety of great beyond as well as for the most part,

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